Thursday, March 10, 2011

Point Lost

By way of illustration look at the way P-Rod, which is a nickname, obsessively reaches for the thighs of his jeans before each trick, pinching fabric and lifting away the bag from a place where, we can only presume, it would restrict movement. It’s a gesture you see now at skateparks across the country — the P-Rod pick, or how about just the pick. Others of course wear skinny jeans, though fewer now than early this decade.

Corey Duffel’s gone and grown himself a beard, and he’s not wearing the bracelet. The costumes settle toward a peaceful equilibrium, and this is another reason men understand skateboarding better than young people. You can look at kids and know immediately that they’re gonna quit. Lookit these little fuckers, we think. Hurry up. Get out of the way. Remove your headphones.

The point I wanted to make was about fashion’s nervous relationship to function.

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