Wednesday, August 28, 2013

You Can Take As Many Advil As You Please

To celebrate the last or first day of last or this week, several of us braved the heat of this previous Sunday wearing hats. Nick still to this day refuses to wear a hat because he feels it will clash with his mustache, which is perfect, which I can totally understand.
 Dan did this first try.
Nick still to this day refuses to "try beer" because he fears it will "make [him] even more frail than [he] already is," and have you seen his wrist? Whoa. Gnar.
Anders was in town!
Tim was filming for Farecard 2 or Two or Too. (JP Morgan Chase Bank is hiring.)
Pretty heavy.
Pretty heavy 2 or two or too. (edit: I forgot to mention just now the insanity that Zack threw upon the Fulton street and ledge both, mostly going the way that made his feet swap places, which will hopefully all appear herein.)
Old ledge new trick couple of solid dudes making you know magic.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013