Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Not just another face in the crowd.

Happy Birthday you big lug! 

(for documentation click here dummy's)
(for documentation of other things besides drinking click here, edited by a fellow DL* guy)

*DudeLife, not down low. Get your head out of the gutter man.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Leaving town and Ohio bound.

Jay Croft is a dam nice guy. He has always been overly pleasant and radical to the Dudelife crew. He also works for Vans as the visual rep in the midwest. He is now moving back to his home town of Akron, OH. We wish you the best in life Jay! Well be seeing ya soon. Oh, and check out Jay's project/website Streetcanoe if you happen to live in a cave and don't know about it already. 

(wallride photo by : Russ Pope)
(art show photo by : Dan Byler, I think) 

(p.s. BUY HIS ART)

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunny with a chance of awe.

Guy and Drew were in town for a few great days. We all ventured out for some clips on a sunny Thursday. We hit a few spots and it proved to be very fun indeed. Here's what happened in order of appearance. I had just opened my car door and walked to this rock and told Drew to noseblunt it. I forget how dam good he his. He could have done it with a sandwich in his mouth. Here it is in pop-out form. Next came a game of skate in the street next to the bank with a small but difficult gap. Guy handles an impossible perfectly (so possible). Tony grabs a boneless in his best Daniel Haney impression (your probably too young to get the joke though). It's the hat boy. Zack pops a switch flip. Look at that catch, bananas! Lastly, well its Guy smiling like a school girl. Thanks for making my day fellas.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Kedzie trouble.

Ben and Jackson met for the frist time. It so happens they have many mutual friends in San Diego. Small world. They left together to buy drinks for everyone, what a bunch of swell fellas. Upon almost arriving at the liquor store they got pulled over and handcuffed together because the fine police thought they were in this rough neighborhood to buy drugs. They let them go, after being searched and pulled over for no reason, and they then returned safely to the spot with a hell of a story. So this story is about new friends, bad punctuation,  and of course skateboarding in bad neighborhoods. Tricks by Nick.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Crucial Big Deal

Dj Crucial is Robert Fulstone is a father of two boys, Linc and Rad, twins, and husband of one, Dj Agile-1 who is April Fulstone. Dj Crucial has been skateboarding longer than you and me and has been making movies since making movies meant plugging in the camera to the vcr and hitting pause/rec over and over again.

Dj Crucial is among the best men you could ever hope to meet, an honest and kind and sincere and devoted man in every possible way. He's also had certified rap legends of the nineties inside of his home to record their raps in his upstairs studio. Here, Dj Crucial shares iPhone footy and pictures from St. Louis. Thanks, Dj Crucial.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Choy again.

Tony with another.