Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunny with a chance of awe.

Guy and Drew were in town for a few great days. We all ventured out for some clips on a sunny Thursday. We hit a few spots and it proved to be very fun indeed. Here's what happened in order of appearance. I had just opened my car door and walked to this rock and told Drew to noseblunt it. I forget how dam good he his. He could have done it with a sandwich in his mouth. Here it is in pop-out form. Next came a game of skate in the street next to the bank with a small but difficult gap. Guy handles an impossible perfectly (so possible). Tony grabs a boneless in his best Daniel Haney impression (your probably too young to get the joke though). It's the hat boy. Zack pops a switch flip. Look at that catch, bananas! Lastly, well its Guy smiling like a school girl. Thanks for making my day fellas.

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