Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Not getting any younger, as they say.

This guy joined our little Dude Life crew when he moved up to this Windy place in the Spring. Nick your time has passed. Today we celebrate Dave Uthus. Glad to have ya man, glad to have ya!

gettin up there... from David Thomas on Vimeo.


Nick's parents arranged a surprise 30th bday party at his apartment last Sunday (Anders lives there too). It was amazing! Stories and Limencello drinking happened (mostly by Nick though). Here are flicks.
You walk home thinking,"I can wait for a nice cuddling night with my girlfriend and some soup." But you open the door and 30 dam people are yelling at you.
Oh guns, sigh. (It's not real folks)

Umm, feeling it... maybe

Mother and son.

Does this have anything to do with Nick's bday? Of course not.

Nick was really into holding everyone. That a boy.

Happy Birthday you handsome man.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Ol Peterson, get ya every time.

We really like this guy around here at Dude Life. Another notch on the belt.

NIck Peterson is OLD. from David Thomas on Vimeo.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Neen, Doing It

Hey many congratulations to Neen Williams for being the new Deathwish Am. We all remember Neen from that park up on the Lake. I've just written and erased several sentences trying to capture how deserved this is for the guy, who's such a good in fact just a flatout great kid, the kind you want to introduce to your maybe racist grandma -- she's old, friends, she's of a different era -- as an argument for why young black males aren't to fear. Let's watch this and be stoked for Neen.