Saturday, July 31, 2010

Dude, you've changed

Hey hippie boy, go plant a garden.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Nugget of Sense

In terms of shameful acts I commit regularly, spending time on the Slap message boards registers not terribly high. I do it. Okay? Just about daily. I never post comments, and rarely do I actually care about anything I read, but I do indeed click and read the nonsense, the rampant homophobia and idiot bickering and more -- all in the name of palpating trends and opinion within this seven-billion dollar industry of ours, watching as the beast grows ever fatter and sillier. We all know that fable about the man who takes his ear off the street and learns a valuable but difficult lesson about mistakes and goes on WHO CARES BECAUSE THE MAN IS OLD. One out of one doctors agree.

But so lookit what I found just now, this tiny little genius reminder woven into a thread about some 5-second Shane O'Neill promotional clips for our coming era of quantified skateboarding (and please note that the comment arrives from some place completely out of the subjective blue, a statement apropos of nothing and thus a perfect commentary on this upcoming Street League circus of competition):
I skated Love last night from 10:30 till 2am. It was fucking great.
Thanks, Josh Kalis.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Monday, July 19, 2010

Clark Hassler is My/Your Mom

This interview is easily the best thing I've read in the last week, and keep in mind that I am a motherfucking serious reader, like pro when it comes to reading. I know all the letters and punctuations by heart AND I also know that when you read out loud you've got to make sure to not end every line like a question? Or people will want to strangle your face and nuts? And that occasionally looking up from the paper can make the audience appear naked and don't say "cunt" in front of an audience because they'll never, ever, no matter who they are, treat the word the way skateboarders and Brits treat it, which is like a small, rounded stone. Clark Hassler.

Also I know nobody here cares about sports because we all wear cardigans and boat shoes now, but this seems pertinent: I think the thing nobody's acknowledging about this Miami Heat basketball trainwreck is that all these guys wanted, Dwayne and Chris and Lebron, was a little more Dude Life in their lives. Calf-tats of Grimace coming soon.

Go away day

GO skateboard away? from David Thomas on Vimeo.

Go skateboarding day was June 21st. This was our attempt, some of us attempted better then others*. This was shot at the Plastic Park, or Grant Park skate plaza, in downtown Chicago. Smart, innovative, and thrilling, Go away day is that rare summer skateboard teaser that succeeds viscerally as well as intellectually. Cinematically, this is a keeper, a fireworks grand finale that goes on flashing and booming for one minute and thirty-one seconds.


Saturday in the Park

On Saturday, Kyle, Ryan, Nick and myself hit the streets in 95 degree weather. We found shade at a barrier spot and Ryan slid a beaut of a tailslide. Our next stop was Warren Park in search of a long forgotten metal skatepark. All we found was a blacktop path and the popsicle man. Kyle channeled the 12 year old skateboarder we once all were, and stacked some boards. Nick channeled Beetlejuice and made an ollie button.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Pictures of Dorian Byrd

Dorian's got some kick-ass paintings at the Star Lounge Coffee Bar right now. Including a portrait of Nick (seen above). So go grab a cup of joe and check 'em out.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Michigan Men

Ryan, Kyle, Dan and myself got out of Dodge last weekend for a couple days of camping and skating. Here's some photos of our mid-summer Michigan sojourn. Polaroids by Kyle Obriot and Cell-Photos by yours truly.

Dan Rambo came to town.

Dan Rambo from David Thomas on Vimeo.

It's worth saving, I promise. We peeked hesitantly around every corner after the street lights would come on. Constantly we would be looking behind while rolling through a dark alley. We used to be a little afraid until he came around. Then, he came. Trust me he's used to it.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Trays Were Flung, Shakes Spilled

Here's something for everyone. It's a short video and Alex has two tricks and a guy I feel like I see at Wilson sometimes wears a sleeveless shirt and raps and raps well, and it's shocking because he and it's really quite...really quite good. And it's positive and valuable guidance for living your life! The whole video is a fucking masterpiece!

And what's even more important is that the video's linktext is something I found on the most recent Such Luck post. The post is long. The posts there are often long. But they're designed all wonderfully so that you just arrive and start browsing downward, vertically. You can graze the images, then stop and linger and then go more. And every word Tim writes is clear and addressed to you like you're a friend, which maybe you are and if you're not then come on. It's Such Luck Tim. Get right.

I'm not currently in Chicago or St. Louis. I'm in Edwards, CO, where they've got a new cement park that's about halfway stupid and partially great. And nearby there's a lake for your dog, and everyone in Colorado has a dog but don't think for a second that that means these people can drive well, or even drive for shit. Coloradans can't drive for shit, let's put that on record. And pool tonight cost $1.50 per game, due to it's like living inside an airport out here.

I keep watching the Think promo and marveling at Lee Yankou's hopper over the fence and the stairs after the fence, over and down. And while we're at it, hey Randy! When in the shit are you planning to share some footage with the world?

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Somethin's Cookin'

Is that David's board under Jackson's feet? Is that a hot dog in Jackson's hand? Is that DVX in 24P advanced mode?