Sunday, July 25, 2010

Nugget of Sense

In terms of shameful acts I commit regularly, spending time on the Slap message boards registers not terribly high. I do it. Okay? Just about daily. I never post comments, and rarely do I actually care about anything I read, but I do indeed click and read the nonsense, the rampant homophobia and idiot bickering and more -- all in the name of palpating trends and opinion within this seven-billion dollar industry of ours, watching as the beast grows ever fatter and sillier. We all know that fable about the man who takes his ear off the street and learns a valuable but difficult lesson about mistakes and goes on WHO CARES BECAUSE THE MAN IS OLD. One out of one doctors agree.

But so lookit what I found just now, this tiny little genius reminder woven into a thread about some 5-second Shane O'Neill promotional clips for our coming era of quantified skateboarding (and please note that the comment arrives from some place completely out of the subjective blue, a statement apropos of nothing and thus a perfect commentary on this upcoming Street League circus of competition):
I skated Love last night from 10:30 till 2am. It was fucking great.
Thanks, Josh Kalis.

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