Monday, October 18, 2010

Linkless Habitat

At Wilson I once gave Austyn Gillette a razor blade from my center counsel. Then I went around announcing to everyone about how Austyn Stephens was at the park, like a dick. But now I’ve seen the new Habitat video. A report: Danny Garcia or Jose Rojo? Austyn Gillette is a latter day Carrol, seems like. Skates with composure and grace and ollies over the Brooklyn banks rail, into the bank beyond the stairs and Habitat is kind enough to show it twice.

Stefan decides to kill it and indeed does, then Gall is Gall and there’s some skating. The Mark Sucio part picks up after about thirty seconds. Bryce Golder skates like the best JP Samedi you never saw. Marius is proper and very fast and then Daryl Angel and Guru wins and then Silas at Wet Willy’s! Then it gets all art and drawing and we hear the Melody for the Felled Tree song again, confirming the tacit industry etiquette re: songs from tour or promo videos. And somewhere in there, Kerry Getz doubleflips.

All in all a great file to obtain.

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