Sunday, September 19, 2010


Today we spent a few hours sitting on David U's not unpleasant front steps. We ate burritos from Mary's, just up the street, and Dave T and I fiddled about in the very same street. The Sears Tower (fuck a "Willis") loomed large and soon Ryan arrived on his bike with a camera that didn't work until he "rubbed it a little bit," and then worked like a charm. Wittgenstein is good on the concept of "waiting." I recall one of his famous language games asking readers to consider just what exactly the term denotes, what it means that we bandy this word about without it really meaning much of anything. Wittgenstein, however, never met Randy Ploesser or Ryan Sublette. Point as some of us might at the Davids for being enemies of the clock, these two are in another league entirely. Well done, gentlemen. Enjoy the north country.

Also, Kevin Radley is a beast.

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