Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Scrollfest! Photos from Wisconsin a Few Weeks Ago...

Kyle O. was there but Kyle O. got sick.
Dan's only sickness is his sickness.
Dave Thomas burger in the cafe / giftshop / Davezone.
Here, Ryan has no shirt.
Here, Anders holds a pen. Work trip, friends. Write-off.
Nick's way more fun these days.

And with Dan's lipslide, we bid this second summer Wisconsin camping festival a fond farewell. Thanks to the Laurin family for the big car and thanks to Ken from Uprise for ollieing over and into the big Lake Delton wall. That, that was rad.


  1. ryan w/o shirt and dan's stare are now the only images of this summer in my brain.

  2. skatepark with wavy ledges looks sick! and i was going to make a comment about Ryan w/o shirt. Kyle basically sums it up for me too.

  3. Mt. Horeb, a truly bizarre little elbow of a park resting in the shadow of a giant water tower, nestled among endless verdant fields of...

    Anyway. Yeah. Place is weird.