Sunday, November 13, 2011

Packed Saturday

Two cars, seven dudes, and probably more cameras than we should admit. Two spots, one overrun with debris, the other nestled against a river into which no hands should venture. But gravel was meant to be kicked and who among us would deny the joy of walking the rails? A hell of time, yesterday. Propers to Dan and Ryan for driving.
Gnarly gravel and picturesque blight.
Tromp. Dead body. Did Lard Ass have to pay to get in the contest?
Nate went consecutive back smith then back lip then spent the rest of the time wandering slowly from wall to wall with his hand cupped beneath his chin, judging grafitti.
Nick was tired and texty.
Words to live by re: climbing walls or taking the long route via ladder: "Never listen to the fat kid." Patient fellas footy review.

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