Wednesday, September 21, 2011

With all my friends up there...

I love Wisconsin. The trees are mighty tall and it smells dam dandy, everywhere except the hole in the ground we had to poop in. Man camping is just fine with me, even if the men talk (mostly a certain man) about bringing ladies to the site and doing whatever you do w ladies around a fire. Every morning the sun gently wakes you up through the screen in the top of your tent, ahhhh. I rented this fancy lens to take on the trip w us, here are some examples of the outcome. I hope you enjoy these.

New pro gets backlit. This is my favorite photo of the trip. I geeked out on this one!
My tent.Friends indeed.
Smoke em if ya got em.
Randy Ploesser noseblunts a sunny mountain top.
Matt digs in while Dave fades out.Excuse me sun while I tailblock. love, Jack
Joe Herbert scares the sun away.

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