Friday, January 14, 2011


Did you know that I'm a published author? It's true as hell. I wrote a whole book without a single picture inside! And while about nipple-deep in writing this second one, I have the fun task of "researching," which means just about anything I want it to mean. Driving around LA and taking pictures? Research. Skating the ramp the other day and spraining my wrist? Research! Trawling the web for terrible writing about our beloved Activity?
When looking for gifts for the skateboarder on your list, begin by choosing a deck. The deck is simply the board without the wheels and trucks. Skateboarders want a skateboard deck with a lot of pop. In other words, choose a deck with a bigger tail. Element skateboards are a fantastic choice since they have a lot of pop, and they are high in quality. Bam Margera is on the Element skate team, and he is best known for his popular television show Viva La Bam. All of the Bam Element products make terrific gifts.
Research. Terrific!


  1. this is good too...