Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Hearty Round of Applause

We would be remiss if we didn't chime in with a few words of congratulations to Randy "Fuck Your Tricks I'm Just Gonna Go Head and Nosepick The Brooklyn Banks" Ploesser. It's no secret that the Dudes here feel nothing but respect for his "I Know My Jacket Isn't Zipped, Thanks, But See I Want it to Billow Behind Me While I Skate" style, and his nose, and his tri-striped shoes, but with the official announcement of his addition to The High Five there's finally, thank God, some legitimacy to our affection. No longer will thinking of Randy mean thinking of David Loy! And while this likely means fewer St. Louisans rocking gently used Birdhouse 8.75 inchers, we can't help but believe Mr. "I'll No Comply Anywhere For A Dollar and a Dream" and The High Five are a match made in somewhere very good indeed. Here's one for you, Randall: a true gentleman, tall person, educator, and drinker.

And with baited breath we await 11.15.10, the day P-Rod will iTune his way through slug-paced tech demi-Godhood. But also! Something else, it would seem, if we're to believe this welcome video by Dude Life's own Mr. Uthus...

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