Friday, June 11, 2010

Wissy boys

Untitled from David Thomas on Vimeo.

Could we have skated more? Yes. Could we have eaten more bratwurst? I don't think so. What else? We hit Mount Horeb, Lake Delton, and Kenosha parks. A googmap of the route looks like an idiot's bowtie. Beachy drove the whole time because he has trust issues, Ryan cooked because Ryan's a cook, and everyone smoked something or other. We claimed the very last campsite at Mirror Lake and the rangers appreciated our stack of empties. David T and David U took turns holding the camera and even shared a heartwarmingly bizarre chat at 5:00 Sunday morning. We didn't make any new friends because we're too goddamned old for new friends, excepting those who had Advil, which we, grown men all of us, somehow forgot.
We left Chicago at 10:00 on a Saturday morning and returned Sunday evening at like 7:00, sweaty and sunburned and slightly stupider. Video proof thanks to Dave T. Enjoy.


  1. Dear Dudelife,

    I would like to ride an 8¼" Dudelife deck.
    Do you have any for sale?
    I've seen your riders skate them and they have a great shape.
    Please let me know if I may purchase one or moar of your pieces of wood.
    If you would want to do a button/deck trade I could make you 100, 1" buttons for one deck or 200 for two decks.
    or I could just pay for them the American way.

    iSapien 1956672

  2. I'm afraid nobody here has the authority to discuss such matters. we're sorry, or at least i'm.